Teatro de Revelación


Five years in the making – Teatro de Revelación brough a new attention to writing and recording. The tracks, while written over a long period of time, were each brought to a common state using similar instruments, effects and mixing techniques. j.prost said in an interview, “bands, when they record an album, have the same drum set and the same bass and rhythm guitar. They don’t radically change kits or instruments across an album. For this album we wanted to have a cohesive sound from track to track, and therefore limited the number of instruments we could pick from – or sounds to select from”. Another technique not found on previous efforts, was the recording of live performances. In prior releases, each track would be highly sequenced and programmed. For TDR, mindFluxFuneral recorded performances that were then chopped up and organized. This technique brings an organic feeling to an otherwise digital medium.

Don’t Fall Back introduces the album with a driving, heavy, dance friendly track that chants “my life – your life – runs away – to me – come to me – my love, resurrection, perfection I choose my fate.” Lies continues the frenzied pace with fast drums and gritty synth and a chorus again to chant to. Nikk Skum from Marazene provides guest guitars on Shutdown and Whore, while Fredrick from Mechanism provides guitars on Soul and Substance. You and I is an slow eerie love song with lush vocoded vocals and female vocals from Emileigh Rohn from Chiasm. skinLoader (brap mix) blatantly acknowledges its Skinny Puppy / Subsconscious roots. The track crackles in, filled with glitching, thin vocals and IDM like drums.

Recorded & Mixed at N.U.M Factory between 2002-2007


Artwork / Design – t.smith
Photography – Christine Ingaldson
Written / Produced – t.smith
Written / Produced / Mastered – j.prost

Track List

[1] Don’t Fall Back
[2] No Man
[3] Lies
[4] Shutdown – guest artist Nikk Skumm – guitars
[5] You and I – guest artist Emileigh Rohn – vocal
[6] Cuts the Skin
Sout and Substance – guest artist Fredrick Vorderhake – guitars
[8] skinLoader (brap mix)
[9] Retribution
[10] Whore – guest artist Nikk Skumm – guitars


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