Our first release – and under our original band name Virus. We self-released to cassette with full mastering, tray card artwork and on cassette print. This release was both our release and our demo tape, which we used to shop ourselves out to various record labels and local venues.

Even tho our first release you can hear the variety of substance and style that we wanted for mindFluxFuneral. Flesh introduces the listener to the macabre through dark synths, a driving beat and our characteristic vocoded vocals that can be heard throughout later releases. Infected fires with harsh vocals, sparse tonality and aggressive scattered rhythm. Dead Sleep introduces the listener to the slower, cinematic mindFluxFuneral. And Lets Get It Over With, with its fast drums and samples is well seated in traditional industrial of the early ninety’s.

Many of the tracks were re-recorded and re-mastered for their appearance on the N.U.M Records compilation “Countless Random Impacts”, released through Pound Records.

Recorded July 1993 – December 1993 at ideaLABS


Artwork – Nervous
Vocals, Programming, Sampling, Effects – t.smith
Vocals, Programming, Synthesizers, Effects – j.prost

Track List

[A1] Flesh
[A2] Formation
[A3] Infected
[B1] Dead Sleep
[B2] GreyBlackFlowers
[B3] Lets Get It Over With