birthMark – pun entirely intended – was mindFluxFuneral’s true birthMark. The release was our first full release that had registration, ISRC codes, the works. We released through our good friend Jester’s label, Doppler Effects Records.

The album delivered a similar style and sound found on Revenant. dog meat god, with it’s driving tribal rhythms and samples is similar to Lets Get It Over With. hatred, which has become a live mainstay, has sparse tonality with spitting vocals and distorted drums. melting spirit drops to a slower ethereal pace building to heavy driven choruses. The track dream it dead uses four on the floor kiks with a driving bass line giving the listener the albums dance track. gods eye and lack of decency play with experimental sound and roll right into wine and dust – another of the albums dance tracks. The last track, the kiss, encorporates guitars and a rock edge to the albums portfolio of tracks.

Written, performed and recorded between 1993 and 1998 at N.U.M Factory


Artwork – t.smith / j.prost – guest assistance k.zilly
Effects – j.prost
Vocals – t.smith
Programming – t.smith / j.prost

Track List

[1] dog meat god
[2] hatred
[3] melting spirit
[4] dream it dead
[5] gods eye
[6] lack of decency
[7] wine and dust
[8] tortured soul
[9] hatred (antipathy mix)
[10] the other side of sin
[11] the kiss – guest artist dread – guitars
[12] dream it dead (fuck mix)
[13] that crazy shit