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Getting Ready 4 the Listening Party

Getting ourselves ready! Just 90 minutes to go.

New Album – Almost Release Time

Album artwork is completed…mastering completed…getting ready for our release.

New Album Photo Shoot

New album photo shoot. A bit buggy out but the photos turned out well.

New Album Preview – live like pesticide

Latest treat for those following our new album’s progress! Track #6 – Love Like Pesticide – has been a track we’ve worked on for a long time (since 2003). It is evidence that keeping good ideas that just aren’t clicking at the time around to work on later. We are working on a companion video…

New Album Preview – Anguish

Spent the evening getting another 2 mixes finalized. Tomorrow we attempt to tackle the final 4. A little taste of what was worked on tonight – we give you a drum-vox mix of Anguish. And a small tidbit, if you listen to the Flux Foto Montage again (from our last post) you’ll hear the original…

New Album – Night of Mixing!

[fbvideo link=] It was a healthy night of mixing. Five tracks of the 11 sounded wonderful and have been mixed for reference. The rest of the weekend will go to getting the other 6 at the same place. Here is a quick vid from our mixing ‘for the last time’ (an epic track).